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RAMS Consulting was founded in 2003 under the leadership team of Technologists and Managers doing Research, Analysis, Management and Software Development for their organizations.

Mission of the company is to help grow it's clients in new areas of business by providing customized and differentiated solutions that are generated through the technological innovation and development.

"Everyone can solve a problem, but what matters is who can solve it in the given constraints" Rajiv Garg



Market research, solutions research, investigating alternatives, identifying potential solutions, and more.


Collecting and/or analyzing data (big or small), developing models for managerial insights, dashboard for decision making, and more


Corporate strategy, product roadmaps, resource planning, business processes, and more


SAP, web services, software apps, mobile apps, and more.


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Harsh Gupta David Bowman Ravi Khandelwal


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In 2004 we have moved the main office from California to Texas and has centered there because of the potential growth in the Texas area. Our offices are located in US and India at this time and are based only at the physical location of our professionals. To keep the costs down for our customers, our consultants work from home and interact heavily in virtual environment.

"Business in today's economy solely depends on the amount of interaction, the more you interact the more you can get" Ram Garg
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